Tuesday, November 25

Dilemma no more AND my take on "Twilight"

I was able to work out my simple Dilemma last Saturday when, we attended Mico's (Donnie and Mel's son ) Birthday Party. When I mentioned the movie to her daughter Faye and her friend Trisha (both 10 years old), they were both screaming and stamping their feet in delight ! That day, I found my movie buddies ! We watched the movie yesterday with so much enthusiasm and excitement in the car. We were right on time as the movie was about to start when we enter the movie house. About 80% of people inside the cinema were female teenagers, who are tyring to suppress excitement to no avail.

I Became a Fan
The moment I finished reading Twilight, I instantly become a fan of Stephanie Meyer. I can't wait to buy the next series of her book. Of course, my ever loving and supportive husband instantaneously bought the book the very next day for me. I was quite captivated on how she makes some twist on the book, how she described and characterized the vampires outside the conventional norm. Making Bella as normal as she can be by making her fall in love with two conflicting people.

The Movie
I was so excited to see the movie as much as I anticipated the next book on this saga. During the first few scenes of the movie, I was like looking for something that I could not recognized. I tried on the next couple of scenes but still nothing. I keep on anticipating the next scene, but turns out differently. The chronological sequencing of events was messed up. I can't believed it ! I understand that they have to cut the entire story into an hour and so, but the storyline does not have to sacrificed as much. I can't believed that Stephanie Meyer has allowed this butchery to her book. The movie does not do justice at all, love story is very dry and boring, I don't feel the love between Edward and Bella. While Bellas acting is second rate, and Edwards sex appeal is oozing, Alice is graceful and vicious as I expected. Charlie is very good being a Dad to a teenager who struggled with the awkwardness in every situation. Rosalie portrays the role exceedingly, who is again ts Bella and Edwards relationship from the very beginning. Jaspers character makes me laugh, I like him though despite the fact that he delivers very few lines in the movie. There are few scenes that captures me, like the scene in the kitchen where they tried to make dinner for Bella. These are the kind of scenes which captures me in the book, where vampires do unconventional things. But the movie has invested in scenes and angles that shows how beautiful Washington is. Those were one of the best part, making me wish that I could be on those places one of these days.

I just hope that they will do much much better on the next sequel. This is just very frustrating ! Stephanie Meyer should re consider choices in script writer and director and should fight for a better plot of the movie with less deviation from the book.

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