Friday, November 21

Word World

Word World is a PBS Kids program, where wacky characters helps your child create words, identify letters in a creative and funny way. It helps develop your child skills in Spelling, Vocabulary,Cognitive, Phonics, Letter Identification and Language Development.

These funny characters, Sheep, Pig, Frog (Gabz favorite), Duck, Ants, Dog and Bear, create a word and transform into that thing. It is very cool and amusing. Gabz has this DVD about the adventure of Lucky Duck. She loves it, and she even imitates how Frog brush her tongue and that ducks or birds migrate every winter to a dry place.

This is lucky Duck.

By watching this program, she was able to learn words like Vine, vacation, barn and rake, these are words which she could not learn everyday. Her vocabulary expands, by just watching this DVD. Gabz, have just mastered her alphabets, and still beginning to learn small words. This really helps a lot, even helps to understand the meaning of each word because they associate the word to the actual thing.
I just hopes that they will continue making these kinds of program because it help a lot of parent and kids who loves to watch TV. This is much better than kids watching TV programs that has no educational impact at all.

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