Saturday, November 22

TV Programs for Kids

A childs brain is like a sponge where everything they see, hear and learn are being absorbed without any filters. If you are a parent you are very much concerned what your child learns and watches everyday. With so much factors that affects their development, it is quite disturbing that you have no control on some these factors. But you can control what programs on TV they can watch.

Gabz has a few programs that she likes and of course mommy too, as it helps her skills a lot. Very entertaining, fun, interactive and of course educational.

1. WordWorld – this becomes on top of my list. It helps the child learns words and its meaning, alphabets, phonics, vocabulary. This is an amazing show! It is a PBS Kids program and has DVDs too. DVDs are available at Target.

2. Blues Clue - is a program where kids are encourage to participate, think and learn how to solve clues and puzzles. Things becomes alive that makes kids learn how to play pretend, make self esteem and of course have fun. I am always surprise how much Gabz learned in this program. The other day, she asked me if she could watch drum ear ? Huh ? What is a drum ear and what kind of show is that? Then she told me that it’s Blues Clue. It is an episode where Blue and Steve trying to discover the human anatomy. Gabz learns the sound of the heart, lungs, ear drum (which she means about drum ear), and so on.

3. Barney - I think everybody knows and love this Purple Dinosaur. Very interactive with real kids playing with Barney. Kids learn, alphabets, numbers, art, creative imagination, good manners and a lot more.

4. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Mickey and friends having fun in the clubhouse. Teaches kids, counting, alphabets, helping friends. Mickey together with his friends and Toodles who brings the Mousekatool who gives them things that they need.

5. Little Einstein - Sing and dance with Leo, Quincy, Annie, June and their Rocket ship. Learn music of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Korsakov, and a lot more. Identify and play musical instrument while on a mission.

6. Dora the Explorer - If you don’t mind your child to learn a few Spanish Dora teaches adventure interaction where kids participate, how to solve problems and obstacles, numbers, friendship.

7. Diego - is an animal rescuer who help animals in trouble. He has a rescue pack who transform into something that would help him overcome obstacles. He has help from his cousin Alicia, his friend Baby Jaguar, Linda the Llama and other animals. They mostly learn different kinds of animals, their characterisics and habitat. It teaches kids to love animals, and the environment.

These are the only few programs I could recommend right now. A lot more of these in Nick Jr, PBS Kids, Noggin, Disney, Sesame Street and a lot more.

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