Friday, December 19

Indoor playarea for Kids

Winter keeps all kids indoor making them restless and fretful, all those unspent energy coiled inside. Not so much activities for the day, but to watch TV, and play inside the house. No more running in the park, play in the slide or the swing.

During these winter days, I bring Gabz to these two indoor places, so she could play and have fun !

1. Kids Quest Museum at Factoria Mall - A fun place where kids could explore in science, art, technology or just have fun. Gabz favorite is to go up the Big Truck, sit in the drivers chair and pretend to drive, or go to the music room and bang those drums ! Playing in the train tracks is one of her favorites too... Entrance fee is USD7.00, but every Friday starting at 5pm to 8pm are free.

2. Kids Cove @ Bellevue Square - Since they renovated Bellevue Square, the two old play area (one beside Victoria Secret and the other one along the hallway to Norsdtrom) has been moved to the 3rd level beside the elevator and Gymboree (opening this Jan 2009). This new kids area is much much better, bigger and has lot of padded toys to climb and slide. Gabz loves this place, every time we went there she played for two hours and still protested every time you tell her when it's time to go home. The best thing here, it is FREE !!!

I hope there are a lot more options like these for our kids, especially this winter season.

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