Wednesday, December 17

my little artist

Gabz is fond of painting ever since she learned to hold a brush in her hands. Everyday, she would asked me if she could paint, (rather mess up with her hand paint) either by her brush or using her hands. At her early age, I just let her play with it until such time that she would know it by herself. Then one day, she came up with me and said: "Mommy, I made a spider for you !" and here it is..her spider painting ! I was so amazed, that she really made something that looks like a spider.....with a tail. I feel so proud !!!

Below is her smiley faces of Daddy, Mommy and Gabz.

This one has a little story in it. Every time her dad teased her if she wanted to have a baby sister or brother, she would always said NO, with emphasis. Then one day, she was doing her usual painting thing, and suddenly, she gave me this piece of paper. She said, "Mommy I made something for you". I said, "What is it baby ?" She gave me this drawing and told me that this is Mommy with a baby in her tummy. "This is my baby sister" ! Imagine how a child mind works. Now my little princess becomes an artist in her own way.

Just beautiful !!!!

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