Sunday, December 14

First snow for the winter

We have our first snow for the winter today ! I have to take this picture outside our window, since it so cold to go outside. Gabz wanted to play in the snow, unfortunately she has cough and colds, so I told her maybe next time. But then, when her Dad comes home, she was begging him to let her play in the snow, as always Dad could not resist her daughter charm. I bundle her up so she could have a few minutes outside.

"Mommy, I have a present for you", she screamed while running in the door.
" Oh really ?" I said.

Then she gave me a handful of snow on both hands ! She is a sweet girl ! After a while she asked her Dad again if she could go out and play in the snow. They both love the snow ! unfortunately not for me. Just love it on the first few days but not on the longer span of time. But I could live with it, as long as Gabz enjoy it ! We are looking forward to our snow tubing next week.
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Hair Farmer Joe said...

It is nice to have a couple days of snow here and there. I think we're supposed to get more snow later in the day on Tuesday.