Thursday, December 11

Babies - how amazing they are !

Yesterday, our friend Kani gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I got to hold a cute and adorable baby the joy and pride of Agustin family.
Always makes me wonder despite the fact that women go through this life threatening situation, yet women still wanted to get pregnant ? I for once promised myself Gabz is already enough, no more pregnancies, no more babies. After two years, here I am trying for another baby. I guess no matter how difficult and horrible the experienced is, all those things are just memories the moment you hold your baby in your hands. The joy, happiness and being whole as a woman overrule everything. It is so amazing how this little angels changed your life.
Congratulations Jhun and Kani !!!

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Hair Farmer Joe said...

Congrats to Jhun and Kani - I hope that everyone is healthy and happy.

I'm sure you will have your second child soon and hope that you can adjust to the weather here. It can get a little gloomy, but just celebrate and make use of the good days!