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The Culprit ?

Pneumonia is the infection of the lungs which can be caused by viral infections. It could also caused by fungi, parasites and bacteria.

I wanted to talk about this because Gabz has cough and colds for more than a week ago. All the while, I though that this is just a common cough and colds or sore throat because of the weather. Until the eve of New Year that her cough worsen and got a fever. She has difficulty coughing with wheezing on her chest and hardly slept at night. After new year, we went to her doctor and she confirms that Gabz has an early stage of Pneumonia. Thank GOD that we were quick to brought her in early.

I made some research and got these:

Symptoms :
1. Starts with common cough and colds and got worsen after a few days.
2. Fever
3. Retractions (labored breathing)
4. Wheezing
5. Chest Pain
6. Abdominal Pain
7. Vomiting
8. Decreased of activity
9. Less of appetite
10. Nasal flaring

How Pneumonia is diagnosed ?
1. Chest X ray
2. Blood test
3. Sputum culture

Treatments : Antibiotics

What you need to know :
1. Pneumonia is diagnosed in about 4% of children in the US each year.
2. Can occur year round but is usually seen in winter and spring.
3. 10 to 15% of children with respiratory infection have Pneumonia.
4. The viruses and bacterias that cause Pneumonia are CONTAGIOUS and are usually found in fluid from mouth or nose of the infected person. It can be spread through cough or sneezes, drinking glasses or eating utensils.

To all mommies out there, encourage your little ones and of course yourself to make a habit of washing their hands often. This little act could help prevent viruses and bacterias harming our children.

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