Saturday, January 3

The Kid in ME

The other day, we have to go to the grocery store at Fred Meyers. My husband has to go around the back so Gabz could not see Chuck E. Cheese, as we do not have time to go there. Unfortunately, as soon as he parked the car, Gabz asked ; " Dada (thats what she calls her Dad when she wants to make lambing) can I play at Chuck E. Cheese ?" Aha ! could not fool her, I think she is quite familiar with the place already. Of course as usual, the Dad who could not resist her daughters charm said; "Yes baby ". as long as she promise to behave inside the grocery store. She got the deal !

We have not been here for a couple of months now. They give the place a new face, the layout is more open with more tables and chairs and the most amazing thing is, they have a new set of games and rides ! A lot of sets are new AND working ! lol ! I'm so happy to see that, because it means we will have a lot of FUN !!!

Here in Chuck E. Cheese Bellevue, we could have fun as family, it is a place where everybody; kids, mom, dad, grandma or grandpa could be a kid ! This is where you could lost all qualms, inhibitions, and just be you and have fun ! I think each one of us still have a kid in us no matter how old we are.

Cowgirl Gabz loves this galloping horse ride ! I guess some kids do to, this is the only ride where kids have to cue in line.

Last year, Gabz celebrated her 2nd Birthday here. The program itself is not brilliant, but the kids had fun after.

The only complaint I have is that, the restroom is still filthy. I have not seen that restroom hygienic enough to use every time I was there. I just hope that management will give extra effort to tidy up that area. I cannot imagine the bacteria that could originate from there to the rest of the place !

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