Monday, January 12

The Fourth Edition Tag

Iris of The Search for Wellness gave me this Tag a few days back. Thank you sis ! It is only now that I was able to do it, been busy in a few days. You would know in the next few days why.. Well, here it is :

Four favorite things to munch :

Gabz and me love to bake cookies or brownies. So this is one of the chicha that you could always find in my pantry.

Aside from cookies, brownies and bread, fruits is always present. But right now we have Banana and Kiwi.

Seedless grapes is always a fav !

This is my favorite among chocolates ! BUT I am trying not to indulge myself in this, because I gain a lot of weight. I can't stop once I started munching !

Four places I like to visit and why :

This is not the map of the world ! But how i wish I could tour around the world though. For now I will settle a tour around Europe. I have been most part of the US and Asia, so this time I want to see some part of Europe too.

I love to visit Rome one day and meet the Pope. Who does not ? The Vatican, St. Peter and the rest of the churches surrounding it.

Africa ! I wanted to visit Africa not because of the Safari, but it has been my ultimate dream to be part of the world mission visiting and helping the people there.

The wonders and rich history of Egypt makes me wish to visit this place one day !

Ok. Next on the list is my favorite sites for online shopping. I cannot put it here since I don't do online shopping. Going to the mall is much more FUN !!!!

Four things that pop up when you Google my name:

There are a couple of results here that surprised me.

Melanie - is a 2D electrophoresis Gel Analysis platform one of today's market in analyzing, annotating and querying complex 2D - gel samples. Whatever that name is a software ! It's cool right ?

Melanie - is a font. As in computer font ! This i do not know.

Melanie - this one I have know the moment I learned how to used the computer. I have to searched the meaning of my name, right ? It was derived from Greek word (melaina) means "black, dark"

Melanie - the most popular though were the names of famous people who's name is Melanie. e.g. Melanie Safka, Melanie Thierry, Melanie Marden, Melanie Phillips, and the list does not end.

Now, it is time to pass this Tag to amazing people in my blog list, nowawife, marj , Faye , Janis , Addie . Goodluck sisters !!

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