Thursday, January 8

So Much Time In My Hand

I will give you a glimpse of my life, so you have to bear with me on this. When I first came here freshly out from the busy life of the corporate world and decided to become a stay at home wife, I have not thought of what to do with so much time in my hands. Aside from doing the house works and waiting for my husband to come home, I went back to my hobby...reading. But it was not enough to kill time. After a couple of months I decided to spend my time volunteering at Red Cross in Pennsylvania. I work in the office 3 times a week, so I was quite happy about it. I was able to used my skills for the common good.

Then I got pregnant, I have to stop because it was quite a long commute by train and a mile walk to the office. I have so much time in my hand again while waiting for the baby to come. So, I was back thinking what to make used of the time in my hand ! During that time my sister swayed me to do crosstitch. I was hesitant at first because I hate anything that uses needles ! But then I was running out of options, so why not give it a try ?

When the baby came, my hands is full ! I don't have time anymore to do some of the things I wanted to do. Well, I guess this is LIFE . For more than a year my hands is full that sometimes I scream for space, and time alone. My life revolve around Gabz and my husband. I am not complaining but there are times that you felt drained.

Now, I have a lot of time in my hands again ! Gabz is quite old enough. Hmm isn't it ironic ? Life is really a cycle huh ? I keep on thinking what to make used of this time....So, I enroll to Yoga class, not only I spent time for myself, but at the same time taking good care of my body (not losing weight ha ? 'coz i'm still chubby hehehe). Of course reading is always part of me no matter what my life status is. Then I decided to become a blogger ! Blogging is taking a lot of my time. Since I am a newbie, I spent time reading and visiting other blogs. Believed me it take most of my time. But it is fun, because aside from learning things, you meet other people too.

But, I wanted to do more. Now, I am trying to check the possibility of going back to school. Getting a certification or something, in case I decided to work again. I used to say that I will never go back to school again, as school is not really meant for me. But who knows, I might go back again. I used to hate needles and yet I was able to finish four crosstitch right ? Hmmm
that remains to be seen.

Ok, now you might say, what's my point in telling you all these ?

I just wanted to let other wifey and mothers out there, who are in the same situation than me, that there are a lot of options out there. Being away from home with a few friends, and in a foreign land you feel depress, miserable, alone and deserted. You have so much time in your hands always, I tell you there are so much things you can do to spend those time that is worth fulfilling. You can either used it to help others or do things that would make you feel good about yourself. You can do volunteer in the community, church or Red Cross (if there is one in your area) or go find a hobby.

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