Thursday, January 15

Gaining her Independence

Have you ever thought what would you feel when your daughter will be moving out of the house, having her own place and stuff like that ? It make me sad just to think about it !
It makes me realized this when Gabz started to sleep alone beside our bed. We have an extra foam where we put in front of the fireplace every time we wanted to relax in front of the fire. She used that one and pretend that it is now her bed. We let her sleep there thinking that it is just for the night, but then it happened the next night and the night after that. We thought, since she wanted to sleep in her own bed, why not buy her one ? So we got this cute Tinker Bell Bed for her!!!
She love this bed a lot !!! Every night her Dad would asked her to move back in our bed, but then she is very insistent on sleeping in her own bed. I think her Dad has separation anxiety ! He was telling me that Gabz is still too young to be sleeping alone ! But I guess, she is learning to gain her independence in some ways already, sleeping alone, going to the bathroom, choosing which clothes to wear, etc. She started doing this a few months back already...and she is just turning 3 ! For other mothers, this is just normal, but for us Filipinos this is quite early ! We love to take good care of our baby as long as we wanted to, right ?
But this bed gave a tremendous work for my husband to assemble. After 3 hours of grunting and complaining, he was able to fix it. Not after he hurt himself with a screw driver. He was telling me, that I should rate this product in the web because the parts and instructions on how to assemble, really sucks !!! It is very complicated and the parts are very tiny. This bed was bought in Toysrus and are the product of DELTA Enterprise. He almost returned this, if not for Gabz hovering and very ecstatic to see it done !
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