Tuesday, January 20

Itsy Bitsy for Gabz Party

I have been preparing for Gabz party this coming Saturday. Since I have made this preparation quite late, almost all party venues are now fully booked and if not, the time slot available are late. So, we decided to have it at Chuck E. Cheese's (again). She said she wanted to have Little Einsteins cake and a Princess Party. That' quite a challenge right ? Oh well, we tried to find a Little Einsteins cake but they said that it is not available because the patent right was not sold. Something like that...So, what we did is to buy a Little Einsteins Cake topper figurine at Ebay and just order an ordinary cake. I guess that will do !

This is the birthday invitation I made for all her friends. I bought an envelope and inserts at Target, then stick a cute stickers on it. Design the details and paste in the middle. Easy but CUTE right ?

Since she wanted variety in her party, we decided to put a little bit of different characters. Lunch boxes with a few things inside for her party favors !

These are the stuff we will put inside the lunch boxes. Small books, pens, key chains and toys for the boys and lockets, necklaces and other kikay for girls. These you could get for one dollar (each set) at Party City. Some items are on sale..so I tried to grab them. It is fun planning and buying, and it is a good thing you could almost find everything in one store. It is not so taxing putting things together. I just wanted a simple, stress free yet exciting and FUN party for Gabz !!!

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