Monday, January 26

Her Smiles are Priceless !

Last Saturday, we gave an advance Birthday party for Gabz at Chuck E Cheese's. Some of our closest friends came. It was just a small group compared to the one she has last year. But this year, I have seen how happy Gabz was. The moment she saw her birthday cake with Little Einsteins topper, she could not hardly take her eyes off. Her smiles are priceless !!! She has been sitting beside the cake all throughout. (as if the cake will suddenly disappear ?) She give high fives with Chucky, and have fun playing games with her friends. She was having a blast last Saturday !

Me and my husband were glad that Gabz enjoyed the party. That was really the most important thing, right ? And of course the party will not be successful without our friends who always came. Thanks a lot guys !!!
Of course, the excitement does not end there ! Opening the presents was the next big thing. She does not know which one to open first ! LOL. She love everything, since most of them are toys. Another additional to her bunch of stuff which hardly fits into our tiny apartment. I think I have to remember making a spare space for her toys the next time we rent an apartment or buy a house. What do you think ?


Anonymous said...

i really like your blog. you look very pretty. Your daughter is adorable.
secret admirer (Jess Pesito) :)

kAyE said...

oh wow. advanced happy birthday gabz! your daughter is very pretty, i must say. would be a heart breaker one day. i know the new baby will be just as adorable :D

she seems so happy, looking at her pictures. aww..

eva said...

hi melanie. done adding your blog. hope you add mine too. take care.

sunny cheeks said...

Happy Birthday Gabby! Ninang and nninong missed out on your birthday again. Bawi na lang next time ha. We hope you'll always remain to be the sweet and precious girl that you are.