Thursday, February 19

Bedtime Story...sometimes not even bedtime !

Kids most of the time surprised you of what they can and cannot do. One day they love books, the next day they love to paint and the day after they love to play computer or they just sit tight in front of the TV. But you will always be amazed on what they learn everyday, and the knowledge they get from what they hear, read and watched.

Gabz used to love books, that is why she has so much books and used to go to libraries. Then one day, it just stop. She started to forget all about her books and starts playing computer games. Then when I enrolled her in playschool (she has once a week class), she started to love books again !! (that really makes me happy :-) ) You see, they have story time in school and she enjoy listening to stories with other kids. From then on, she would asked me to read her bedtime stories every nap and night time. Sometimes even when she just woke up..she would asked me; "Mommy it's bedtime story !" LOL.

These are some of her favorite books to read during bedtime. The Very Hungry Caterpillar was given to her when she was just a baby. But her most fav one is the Princess book. You could read all the books but would never forget the Princess story.

I am just so happy that Gabz love for books came back. I just hope that she would eventually love it for the rest of her life. As a book lover myself, I know that kids and people learns a lot from books and knowledge we got from books is one thing that could never be borrowed nor stolen from us. You just have the privileged to share it with others.

Happy reading everyone !

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Nortehanon said...

Your post reminds me of how special my parents are to me.

I grew up in a family with humble beginnings. My father's income as a government employee could barely provide for the basic necessities. But my siblings and I are lucky to have parents who value education and learning.

My siblings and I grew up listening to children's stories my mother would diligently copy from books she would borrow from some teachers in the neighborhood. Then kapag gabi, magsasalitan sila ng tatay ko reading the stories from my Nanay's notebooks.

Among those my parents would tell us about are fairy tales and the gods and goddesses of Roman and Norse mythology. Kaya nung high school at college na ako, I was already familiar with those stories. Malaking tulong sa literature classes ko ;)

I will hold dear in my heart my whole life those storytelling sessions with my parents when I was young.