Tuesday, February 24

My First Doctors Visit

I had my first prenatal visit with the doctor yesterday at 10 weeks of my pregnancy. It was like a decade since I first did it with Gabz, almost forgot how did it goes. For those who are planning to get pregnant or have just found out they are pregnant, these are the things you will expect when visiting your doctor for the first time.

First and foremost make sure to bring your insurance card and identification.

They will do a routine check up by getting your weight, and blood pressure.

Then the doctor will asked when was your last menstrual cycle to determine your due date.

Doctor will discuss your medical history, any complications, allergies, etc.

Will discuss procedure on how your next visit be like and your relationship for the rest of your pregnancy.

This is the best time to ask questions on symptoms, vitamins, best exercise, food intake, weight gain, medications. It is best if you could take down any questions you have prior to your appointment just to make sure you covered everything you wanted to asked.

Doctor will asked you to strip down. She will perform, breast exam, pelvic exam and pap smear.

She could do ultrasound as well to take a look at the condition of the baby and listen to the heart beat. Sometimes they give you a copy of the ultrasound for your record.

The last but not the least is they will send you to the lab for some blood test, usually you are good to go after that.

Before you step out of that door, it would be very convenient to set up the next series of your prenatal visit. Advantage of that are; you choose the time and sometimes the date, and the hassle of calling and setting up appointment every month.

Hope this simple steps helps you anticipate what to expect on your first doctors visit. The most exciting part of this visit is that; the doctor could officially confirmed your pregnancy, and seeing and listening to your baby for the first time is the most moving moment !

Thirty more weeks to go for me!!!


eva said...

hi melanie thanks for the visit. take care of yourself.


shydub said...

Congrats to both of you. May you have an easy pregnancy and a healthy happy baby. Eat well and a lot of liquid to listen any nausea and headaches. take care.

eugene said...

congratulation, a new baby is coming, it will always be a bundle of joy when you know that you have the world's greatest duty in carrying a live in your womb.

dont stress too much, enjoy your pregnancy. my wife loves pregnancy experience because she would be meticulously pampared to every single detail.

btw, first time her, will be back visiting again

take care now

eva said...

hi melanie i have award for you at my blog