Friday, February 6

First Day in PlaySchool...

It's enrollment time !!! It is so funny that we will be part of this process this year. Can you imagine that Gabz will be entering preschool this coming school year ? I have been searching the web for many days trying to find a good preschool for her, and I tell's not fun at all. Every parents wanted to find a good school for their kids, especially preschool since this is the beginning and will be the first experience of the child in a school set up. So, right timing, conducive environment and good curriculum is essential. Selection is not so easy.

Prior to Gabz entering preschool, we decided to put her in playschool to let her interact, socialized with other kids and teachers. Newport Covenant Christian School has this program "Time for Two's", they have play activities, singing time and story time. We thought this would be a great program for her.

Below is the picture of their story time, where kids gather around and listen to stories from the teacher. Parents are required to be present for the first four to five sessions, to help the kids getting used to their surroundings before parents could totally leave them. This would be a great training for kids to be left behind by their parents when they enter proper school.

They basically, convert the gym into a big playground, with lots of toys for kids to play around. There are around 15 kids enrolled in this group and two teachers . I would say the number if quite good.

Gabz, love it here and look forward to the next session. At least now, she has an idea how school would be. She was quite hesitant participating in singing and could hardly sit tight during story time. I guess those are the things she would eventually learn in the process.

Another benefit of this program is, you meet other parents in the area whose kids will be entering preschool as well.


Nanaybelen said...

what a nice playschool. good for children to enhance their motor and mental ability

psycha said...

love to see those kids with their loving parents

mothercares said...

keep it up mother.

Babette said...

You're right about choosing the perfect school for kids. We don't want them to be terrified of going to school, it should be a fun and learning experience for them. Watch how the teacher interacts with the kids, this is a good gauge on what her class will be like. What an exciting year for your child. My son started preschool last September and it was a bitter-sweet moment for us. I still miss him during the day.
Btw, I've added ur link too. :o) See you around Melanie.