Wednesday, March 4


In every girls life there comes a point where we wanted to be a princess or pretend that we are a princess. Playing pretend is one of the most favorite play of every child. You will be surprised and amazed how far their imagination could go. Gabz is in that stage right now, our life everyday is very royalty ! The moment she wakes up in the morning until she sleeps at night, she is wearing this princess stuff. So every day she wears them together with her Cinderella dress, even if it needs washing. If you wash it you have to finish it soon because she wants to wear them over and over.

Have you noticed what is missing in this picture ? Yes, a crown !!! The crown does not go with the package, so she said that Daddy will gonna buy one as soon as he comes home. For the time being, the necklace could be a crown too. Hmmm have you ever thought about that ?

Oh well, i just wonder how long are we gonna be in this stage. She just loves it for now !


BOGCESS said...

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dhemz said...

hhahah...kakatuwa naman ang princess Akesha d sya mahilig sa princess...siguro d pa nya na realize kung ano gusto nya...hehhe!

hahaha...nalimutan ang crown...don't worry baby....daddy will get it for you....hehhe..may crown si Akesha dito..phiram nya sayo...hehhehe!

Thanks for sharing Mommy Mel...hope to see your lil princess with all her accessories....hehhehe...:)