Thursday, March 5

Running out of ideas for your toddlers ?

Did it ever happened to you that you run out of ideas what kind of activities you could give to your toddler to entertain her ? or what kind of toys would capture her fascination ?

Being inside the house all day long is not easy for a toddler who has magnitude of energies, they usually get bored at the end of the day. Since Gabz loves to play pretend at this stage, she is very much busy almost the whole day. Playing pretend is good for kids since it stimulates their imagination and creativity. So I was planning on buying her some toys that would be part of her play pretend collections. I found this online site where you could found a lot of toys for all ages

They have Snowhite and princess dress that Gabz loves to wear ! They have Barbie dolls too ! Gabz loves Barbies a lot, from DVD's to dolls, because she play dress up with them. Of course not only Barbies but Dora also. Did I ever told you that she has four Dora dolls ? not to mention other Dora toys, drawing books, activity books, etc. I was just surprised that I could almost find all these stuff in this website

Another thing I found in this store that capture my interest is that they offer guides to the type of toys that is appropriate for every age. They give tips on the type of toys you could give in every occasion, and they even have links on the Recalls and Reviews of each product. Tremendous selections from board games, educational, outdoor and they even have trampolines ! Award winning toys from different brands could be found in there too.

I think is a good alternative for people who love to shop online or to those busy moms who has no time to go to the stores. Online shopping saves time and gas !!!


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