Friday, March 20

Storytime at the Mall

It is so nice that mall and libraries here in Bellevue do have story time for kids. Just like yesterday here at Factoria Mall they have story time, a little play time and a little activity time for kids. Gabz loves it there, she had fun time with her friends, twins Danica and Jericha.

This is a regular schedule here at factoria and not only on Thursdays but on Tuesdays as well.

Below are the schedule of story time at Factoria and Bellevue library that I know of:

1. Factoria Mall
1.1. Activity Time
Date: Every Thursday
Time: 11AM
Location: South Court

1.2 Story time
Date: Every Wednesday
Time: 11AM
Location: South Court

2. Bellevue Library
Story time
Date: March 3- 31
Time: 11:15AM
Location: Bellevue Regional Library

Date: March 4-April 1
Time: 1:30PM
Location: Bellevue Regional Library

3. Newport Way Library
They have story time too. But not so sure about the schedule.

Good thing about these activity/ story time is that, it is FREE. You just need to go show up there with your kids. Kids will love it, at the same time they could interact with other kids as well.

Mom, meets other moms too!

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