Tuesday, March 17

Shoes..shoes..and more shoes !

Window shopping is a very nice past time and hobby, but a danger to my wallet and budget.

I have noticed in the past few weeks that Gabz has been wearing one shoes every time we went out, that might be shopping, going to the grocery or just walking. I thought, maybe my daughter needs another pair of shoes. Just a thought, but have not reached that decision on buying one. But then, last weekend, we spent a few hours walking at the mall, window shopping. Aha ! Nordstrom has 40% discount on their selected kids shoes. I tried to look around and found these !!! Love it ! tried it on to Gabz and it fits, hmm..why not buy it since it is 40% off. It's a good buy right ?

And found this one too ! It's quite boyish for a little girl, but what the heck ? Gabz has been wearing tennis shoes for quite some time. And it would look good on jeans. So, in the end, I bought two pairs of shoes for her.

When I came home and tried to put away her shoes, started to organized the rest of her stuff as well. Gather them all and found out that she has sooo many shoes !! Keep me thinking, does kids really need these so much shoes ? I only have three pairs of shoes ! a boots, walking shoes and one rubber shoes. How come she has a lot ? Well, I asked her to try them all if it fits, and it does. But she told me that she does not want to wear this and that. Maybe, that is the reason why, she keeps on wearing that one tennis shoes all the time.

Kids at this age, does really know how to choose which clothes to wear, which shoes to match, even though sometimes it does not match and you have a hard time explaining why she has to wear the other one.

Learning their independence and identity ? I guess so.


Enchie said...

That's a lot of shoes. I like the elmo footwear :)

Dorothy L said...

LOl...Hey Mel wait until she is a teenager. My daughter had a shoe fetish and as far as I could see...they all looked the same. But in her mind they were all unique and different.
Daughters...such angels :)
Have a great day girl!

Ron Centeno said...

Mel! ala imelda marcos ang dating! Hehehehe!

Meryl said...

wow! that's a good deal....

ang dami ng shoes ^_^

Nortehanon said...

Those are such cuties! I wonder if they have the one in the first picture in my size lol :)

Cacai M. said...

Wow! good deal Meal! You know, I love collecting shoes too but it's not that much just a couple and I make sure that the shoes am wearing matches the dress and bag. heheh. Great post Mel - it's money saving tip 'coz it's just of the same quality to the expensive ones yet it's of the same quality value. great!