Monday, April 27

Beautiful San Francisco - Part Two

We were dead on our feet after a full day of site seeing and walking. A full good night sleep was not enough to get rid of all the exhaustion of the previous day, but no matter the quest is still on !

Our first agenda of the day is Lombard Street, where the famous crooked street were. We drove through it and park on the street below to have some pictures taken. The view on top of the street overlooking the bay is marvelous, breathtaking !

It was almost lunch time, since we started quite late in the morning, so we decided to proceed to Pier 39. For me this is one of the best places in San Francisco (of course compared only to the places we've been). Plenty of shops, restaurants, view of the bay, view of the famous Alcatraz and hundreds of amazing Sea Lions playing and sun bathing at the dock.

They even have Aquariums, street performers, kayak, saddle and bike rentals. If you have plenty of time you could make the tour of the marina on board the ferry. Or ride on a trolley and enjoy the guided tour to see the city. And there is a ferry that make the tour in the famous Alcatraz. This place has tremendous activities to offer to all visitors.

Next stop is the illustrious Golden Gate, considered as the most beautiful bridge around the world. This suspended artistic piece of art is 1.7 mile long, and could be crossed by car, on foot or by bicycle. My husband was so ecstatic to cross the bridge on foot since it is one of his biggest dream ever. Unfortunately, 1.7 mile long with the gusting wind is too much to bear. He has no choice but to go back from the middle of the bridge since we are still waiting at the other end freezing our butt in the cold. Oh well, at least he has achieved half of his dreams !
Since we still have plenty of time before heading to the airport, we decided to drop by at Alamo Square to see the Painted Ladies. This is the row of six architecturally distinctive Victorian style houses. I have been asking my husband why it was called the "Painted Ladies". And a little search with Google came out this ; " Painted Ladies is a term used for Victorian and Edwardian houses and buildings painted in three or more colors that embellish or enhance their architectural details. " Gabz is so gracious to have her picture taken in this beautiful place. As long as she could play at the playground nearby.

The playground that ended our exigent but memorable visit to this magnificent city. The four days stay is worth a lifetime of good memories.

We still miss a lot of things though. This wonderful city has so much to offer to all visitors and locals alike. Maybe, who knows on our next visit we could spare some time to explore them.


Glenda said...

yikes! you went to San Francisco? i live 45 minutes away from there. only if i know... i could've been your tour guide or something. hehehe. but i'm glad you had a great time tho. =D thanks for sharing. frisco is really beautiful and so as the weather. yay!

shydub said...

You guys really hada blast, ang gaganda nman ng view, yan pala ang san francisco hehehee. Sana makarating rin ako diyan ha.
Btw, I sent you an email. You mean disclosure policy? just go to they have choices there what do tou want inside your policy just look at mine for a guide mel found at my side bar. they have badges there butI dont know how to get it, theres no code. I thought you already had ppp,buti ka pa hindi binawi ni Mr.G ang PR, nawala yong pr ko wala tuloy opps masyado. apply too at social spark mel, ang daming opps nila malalaki pa.

Niema said...

Woow its really nice trip, you must have an unforgetable moment there. I wish someday can go there too

Lillian said...

Looks like you enjoyed it and no matter how tired you were, what matters most is you spent it with your family and enjoyed it!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

nice pictures..ang gaganda ^_^ i enjoyed viewing all of them...

Dhemz said...

hello tMel, I have missed you...kumusta na po....:)

wow nag bakasyon galore pala kayo sa SF....we live 4 hours away...hehehe...:)

I remember when I first went there..buntis din ako ni Akesha...and we went to Alcatraz...have you been to Alcatraz?

thanks for sharing the gorgeous pics tMel...ingat po...:)