Monday, May 4

Once Upon a Time ....

Almost every woman had gone through teenage life, high school, crushes, first love, first date and prom. Unlike most teenage girls who are looking forward to the prom night, I dreaded just the thought of it. I was not the typical girl who loves to wear a dress, talks about make up and other girls stuff. I was the boyish type during my teenage years. Prom is quite inevitable to every teenager, every girl has to attend or rather during my time, we are required to attend this event.

I was thinking back then that one night inside a dress would not hurt me ? So, the next challenge was finding a dress that would suit me. Since we are financially challenged back then an older cousin of mine brought me to her house. She has a closet full of formal dresses, shoes and lots of stuff. The moment I saw a blue strapless tube dress that is just so beautiful, I did not made any second thoughts. I tried it on, and for the first time in my life I wanted to wear a dress ! Maybe because the dress fitted me perfectly, and I felt good about myself. It made me feel confident wearing it !

This Fuchsia strapless tube ruched drape long dress below almost looks exactly the same as the one I wore before aside from the ruched drape. Love this dress, as it brings back good memories to me. For me this dress will look perfect to anybody, simple yet elegant no matter how young or old you are. The cloth emphasizes the figure of your body, and if you are on the plus size, it would make you look slimmer !

Prom is one of the best event in every girls life, choosing the right dress is very essential. You have to find the right dress that would make you look good and feel good about yourself. Of course, having fun and making the night memorable is important too !


Michelle said...

Beautiful dress. I love the style. I remember my prom too. It was fun getting all dressed up for the night. I had a great time. Though I wasn't to happy that I had to wear a dress either. I'm still not fond of dresses. I'd rather wear a pair of dress slacks. LOL! Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment.

ED Blogger said...

I remember mine too :) My Junior prom was a disaster and a so-so but my senior prom, I then learned to "glam up" a bit (if you can call it that)

Thing is, I had a blast and that was the most important thing.