Monday, April 6

One Sunny Day @ the Park

We have been waiting for the sun to come up and have the weekend spent at the Lake. Yesterday, we were surprised that the temperature goes 70 ! Horaay !!!! Time to enjoy sunshine at the Lake. We went to New Castle Beach Park at exit 9 along highway 405. We brought Gabz bike, it's her first time to ride her bike at the park since we bought it last year. She was having a good time though, because lots of kids are outside with their bikes. The moment she learns that we are heading at the park, she could not stay put. So busy gathering her stuff, bike, beach toys, towel, swim suit, etc. We have to convinced her that its not yet time to take a swim since the water is still freezing. Yet I brought towel in case some kids will take the plunge, and could not stop Gabz to do the same.

Good thing about the Beach Park, is that they do have play area for kids. Gabz loves the swing and was screaming to her Dad to push her higher !!

The most awaited part, is playing at the sand. Building sand castle, digging and fetching water at the lake was the highlight of her fun time at the Lake. No matter how hot the sun was, she just don't really care.
She was trying to fetch water to put in our castle. The sun was so warm, yet the wind was cooling it down. So the temperature was really nice. It would be a shame if you would let it pass. Here in Bellevue this kind of weather is so precious not to do something outside.

See the beauty of nature in this magnificent place. Could not wait for summer to come, more places to explore. I just hope I could still cope up while my belly growing fast. My husband has plenty of plans for the summer. Oh well, I just have to plan one day at a time for now. It's wait and see for me.

This is our days work ! a sand castle ? or not :-( At least Gabz had fun no matter what it looks like. That's the most important thing for us. She doesn't want to go home though, I was so tired after a few hours under the sun and needs to lie down. We have to promised her that we will come back as soon as the weather is good.

With her it's just a matter of explaining and every thing will be ok.


Cacai M. said...

That's a very sweet and fun bonding moment. You're daughter is pretty and cute as well. Like mommy, like baby. Muahhugs and regards.

shydub said...

You girl look like she was having great time at the park. We went to the park yesterday too and spent the whole 3 hours there of course we walked going there and back so that counts the 3 hrs hehehe.Sana palaging maganda ang weather ano, para happy nman tayong hindi sanay sa ginaw.

Dhemz said...

wow teMel, it is indeed a sunny day....milagro ata...hehehe..we've been to Seattle during summer time...kahit summer time snow parin sa bundok ano...hehhehe!

cute ng dalaginding mo...are you having a baby boy or girl?

ahappyhippy mom said...

You are so lucky! I actually woke up to SNOW on the ground this morning!

Babette said...

Wow, that is a great day to be outside and play. We lived in OR for 10 months many years ago and we always crave for sunny weather during the winter time. :o)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

you really had fun with your very cute chikiting ^_^

sana maging warm na din samin dito sa IL soon..

Lulu said...

Andrea just got her Barbie bike too... she is trying to learn to use it