Wednesday, May 6

Being a parent is tough

Being a parent is tough, you always have to check yourself if what kind of example do you show to you kids. You need to have a lot of patience and understanding to cope up with daily changes they are going through. One day they are just baby's that you cradle in your arms and the next they are teenagers who deal with peer pressures and crushes.

For now, I only have to deal with a toddler and soon to be preschooler. As a first time preschooler you have tons of ideas and expectations on her first day at school. First, you have to make sure that they get enough sleep or rest so they could focus in school. Second, they have to eat plenty and healthy so they would have enough energy throughout the day. That is another challenge for us moms. How would you make her eat healthy food ? For me with Gabz who is very picky, feeding her is always a challenge. I always carry with me lots of patience by talking to her that she need to eat plenty of fruits so she would not get sick and that she would grow fast. Vegetables, I tried to mashed them and mixed it to her rice or smoothies. We don't buy chips and other unhealthy food in the house, if she eats chips and other junk food, it is a treat if she did something good.

Another thing parents tend to worry is that, what if she won't like school ? What if there are some bully in the class and your daughter could not cope with him ? There would be a lot of what ifs in your mind that you have to deal with. If that happens, I will talk to her teacher and make sure that nobody will ever bully my daughter inside the school. If it is necessary for me to talk to the parents of the other kid I will do it to protect my child. This is the foundation of their school life and I want my daughter to enjoy and love the school environment. But ,what if the bully is my daughter ? If that is the case, I would be very sad and disappointed. As a parent I want to know what exactly happened and what triggers the behaviour. I will talk to my daughter and explain the consequences of her action, if necessary discipline and punishment will be imposed. I will try to give more praises and rewards in the future if she did something good, that might lessen the bullying too.

As parent sometime we need help from our families or talk to other mothers to exchange ideas and experiences about our children. Otherwise parents could visit websites for parents to get some tips about parenting, recipes, or join forums and meet other mothers.

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Parenting is really a challenge.