Tuesday, May 5

Finding Ways to save money....

In this challenging economic state of affairs, we have to be mindful of every dollar we spent. We have to be conscious of what we spent and on how we could save. Finding ways to save money no matter how small it is will accrue in time. I am a person who is not so good in budgeting and finding means to save. But little by little I realized that I must, as it give us benefits on the long run.

1. Coupons
We all know that we could save tons of money in coupons. Spare a couple of minutes going through the junk mails you received in your mail. There are tons of coupon in those junk.

Or, check the Internet for any coupons every time you heed out to purchased something big, USD 10 or 10% will make a big difference in your budget.

2. Enroll in rewards programs
Almost all grocery stores offers discount or reward programs. Don't forget to check out those. You could save 10 to 20 dollars in your weekly groceries. Of course not only grocery stores other shops offers them too. Even credit card companies has this program.

3. Buy second hand items/furniture
Last weekend, we went to this huge kids garage sale by JBF (Just Between friends). They sell all kinds of baby and kids stuff. We were able to bought a baby swing for our second baby for 25 dollars. The swing is still in very good condition. Since this is the item where you could only use in a very short time, for me it's not worth investing money on it.

Things that you think is seasonal in nature or could only be used in a very short time, try to consider buying a second hand. In that way you could save a lot of money. Summer is coming up and there will be plenty of garage sale around.

4. Garage Sale
Have closets and storage rooms full of unused items ? Why not do a garage sale or participate one in your community ? You have invested money on those items and does not give you any returns at all. Instead of a mouse and rats feasting on them, why not make some money out of it ?

5. Make a grocery list every time you shop
Try to go over your cupboard before you go to the grocery store. From there you would know what is missing and what you need to purchased. Better yet, make a menu for the whole week and list down ingredients needed. In that way, you don't spend time going around the store and end up buying things you don't need.

6. Learn how to say NO to your kids
This is one of the things I learned as a mother while Gabz is growing up. When you are at the grocery or at the mall, kids tend to tell you they want this and that. As a mother or parent our first impulse is to give in no matter if they already have this one at home or not. But in time, learning to say NO to your kids, teaches them discipline and that they could not have all the things they want. And of course you save money in impulse buying.

7. Be practical in every purchased; ask yourself, "Do I need this ?"
We have to learn how to make a distinction of the things that we want and the things that we need. Before you buy something at the mall ask yourself, are you buying this item because you want it or it is because you need it. Learn to let go from time to time that things that you want, but not all the time as you need to buy things for yourself to make you happy and feel good.

8. Buy out of season clothes
Honestly, I bought Gabz clothes during sale season. Usually, those items on sale are out of season, but who cares as you could use them next year, right ? Just make sure to buy the bigger size than usual to anticipate the growth of your child. Out of season clothes are on 50% off, you save half the price already.

9. Shop Online
If you are an Internet person, why not consider buying stuff online ? Some items online are tax free and way cheaper than the store.

10. Use of the Library or Buy used books
I love to read books. Me and Gabz go to the library almost every week to borrow books, DVD, CD or Magazines. If you love to read books, register at your local library. You could borrow all types of books for 30 days and still renew it if you are not done reading. You can go to Half Price Books as well or Goodwill, they have tons of books sold in a very very low price.

So far these are the things I could think as of now. If you have more in mind, feel free to share and link on this post.


ED Blogger said...

Thanks for sharing these, in times like this we all need to tighten our belts and prioritize.

davina_chin said...

Yeah, in the economy situation, it is wise to save money and not just spend whatever that we got

Herbs 'n' Chocolate said...

here's a couple more ideas ..

Dont forget to grab the coupons in the Sunday paper. Maybe even have a few friends share theirs with you & you with them. Better yet? Join a coupon sharing group .. there are several on Yahoo groups.

Find your local Freecycle!!! Nothing is better than free. Its amazing what you can both give away on there ... and get in return.