Saturday, May 30

Moving in ...some simple tips from experienced

Experience always taught us in a lot of ways, no matter how small or big, either bad or good. As I have said on my previous post, we have just moved into our new house. This experienced taught me a lot. Since we are a first time home owner, everything is very new for us and we are like trying to figure out things by ourselves. I wanted to share some practical tips to those people who will be moving into their new home just like us.

Practical tips before moving in...

1. Contact your utility provider to set up your account. If this is a new home there would probably has power and water builder has to transfer those account to your name. Cable transfer takes a week, so make sure you inform them about the transfer.

2. Order your blinds for the windows. This would take 2 weeks to order if sizes of your blinds needs to be customize. You don't want to move into your new home without those blinds.

3. Order Curtains if you prefer rather than blinds. As a say if your windows need to be customize it takes a week or two to order.

4. Go to the nearest post office and secure your mailbox key. It would take them two days before they could give your keys. You have to bring your purchase documents as a proof for new residence. Make sure to change your address online as well, so all incoming mails will be forwarded to your new home.

5. Shop for furniture and appliances needed a week or two before moving in.

6. Schedule house blessing with the church if you are a catholic.

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Glenda said...

Great tips! Thanks for sharing and Congratulations on your NEW home! =D