Tuesday, May 26

One of our greatest dream ever !

This is the main reason why I have not been blogging for two weeks now. We just moved into our new house !!! Yes, finally we did the ultimate decision of buying a house that we could call our home. Not easy though, but if you have the determination and the will to achieved things, you can do it.

Now, from packing things from our small apartment up to unpacking, shopping and ordering furniture, arranging necessary stuff needed in moving in is very overwhelming. Of course, you have to add to the fact that I could not do so much with my belly bulging and walking like a Penguin. My poor husband has to do most of the work, but I guess he is enthused about the whole processed.

I would admit that only half of the house is in order, but bit by bit we are working on it. Gabz loves the new house though. She even sleeps in her own bedroom ! Atta girl !!!

And we have Internet now, so i could squeeze some time blogging now and then.

Maybe, on my next post I could share some tips to make life easier when moving in into a new apartment or house. Got to sort those ideas in my brains still. Hehehe


texas_sweetie said...

congratulation on finding your dream house! nice house and you deserve to have it! good job.

Simply Being Mommy said...

YAY! Congrats on getting a new home!

Marj and Carlos said...

It looks beautiful. Goo dluck with the new home :)

DhoyM said...

Congratulations! Nice house.

Mhar's Display said...

Hey it is pretty. Bet you're gonna be busy with your new home :)

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Margaret said...

Congratulations on a new home. I wish you lots of happy memories.

Dorothy L said...

Hey girl...congrats on your new home. It is so exciting and yes busy:) Soon you will be settled and have more free time to yourself:)


tess said...

Congrats! It's a very beautiful house.