Thursday, June 11

Mommy, can I see some birds in the backyard ?

"Mommy, can I go to the backyard and see some birds ?" This is the phrase you would hear almost everyday from my daughter. She would put her Dads binoculars in her neck and headed at our backyard and try to catch a glimpse of flying birds. One day, we went for a walk with her Dad at the back of our community where there is a greenbelt area. On our way, we were able to see a humming bird ! She was ecstatic and dumbfounded to see it closely that she doesn't want to move so she does not disturb the bird ! This amazing tiny creatures are beautiful with their colorful feathers and sweet voice.

But do you know that Hummingbirds migrate every season from one place to the other ? Usually they start their migration as early as January and head back before the winter season begun or rather when all the insects and bugs are all gone. This facts even surprise me, that Hummingbirds migrate by batch in case the first batch does not survive because of the bad weather, at least there is some species left to continue their lineage. Clever isn't it ? There is more, these little birds could fly 500 miles non stop during migration ! Can you imagine that ? that is around 18 to 22 hours of flying. During their trip male hummingbirds goes first before the female followed after 10 days. Why do you think is that ?

So, if you wanted to see these beautiful creatures closely or in your own garden, there are a lot of Hummingbird feeders you can buy online. I was thinking of buying a glass hummingbird feeder as a gift for my daughter this summer. We could hang this in our backyard and she could watch these birds closely. Isn't that awesome ? I'm pretty sure she would love it. She loves animals, plants and flowers and wanted to spend most of the time outside. I guess going to the zoo every summer helped developed her love for nature.

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