Thursday, June 11

Accessorize this Summer

It's summer time again here in Washington State. Do you know that here in Washington we only have three months of sunshine in a year ? Three months of sunshine and the rest is the gloomy and rainy days. That is why people here really plan to have a great summer. This summer my family and a group of other families are heading to Lake Chelan to have a good summer outing. Speaking of outing, it's also time to get ready your summer gears. Number one on my list is my sun glasses. I can't stand long outside without it as it hurts my eyes and later on getting a migraine. Of course it's one way of protecting your face as well.

Before that summer outing comes, I need to asked my husband to buy another sun glasses for me, as the one I have now has lots of scratches. It is already screaming for replacement. Found some cool designer items at fox sunglasses online. Their prices are very reasonable that would not hurt your wallet so much.

Wearing sun glasses and sunblock is a must while enjoying summer at the beach, pool or the lake. Enjoy the summer !


shydub said...

your domain mel works just fine. google domain looks nice huh, hindi nawala pr mo and your site still the same.

eva said...

i hope you'll enjoy your summer time.