Thursday, June 4

Shopping Made Easy !

Moving around the house or walking around the mall is not so easy when you have a growing belly that gets bigger each passing day. I used to love to go to the mall for hours doing shopping or just walking around, but not anymore. I go to the mall for two hours maximum, and I'm done. Walking too much is now a challenge, same so with shopping.

It's a good thing, I could do some of my shopping online. Since this is the time where I need to buy baby furniture for our second baby. All the stuff on my first pregnancy was given away thinking that I would not get pregnant anymore. So, I have to buy everything starting from the basic clothing to car seat and stroller and other baby essentials.

My eyes are drooling looking at those cute baby gears, activity sets, toys, and those adorable baby outfits ! All these baby essentials could be found in Shop Wiki. This shop is so amazing that you could find almost everything here. They even have maternity products; from clothing to pillows and fitness DVD's. They even have reading materials for pregnant women.

Now buying essentials things for the baby has been made easy by shopping online. It saved me time and walking around the mall and of course it save me money !

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