Wednesday, June 3

Special Surprise for Fathers Day !

I have been scanning my brain out for the perfect gift this Fathers Day. It had been our ritual to give gifts in almost every occasion, no matter how simple it is. My hubby and I love to give surprises to each other in every circumstances in our life. Now that we are a family, Fathers Day is one of the most awaited event for him, because he knows that we will have something in store for him. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to come up with special ideas especially if he almost got everything that you can think of.

My husband was recently hooked into online shopping of signature watches I don't know why, but a couple of months ago he purchased watches almost every month, until I asked him to stop. But it does not stop him from checking the websites for new models and arrivals. So this time, I wanted to surprised him by giving him a watch. This would be a surprised because as far as he knows he would not be getting anymore watches for the rest of his life! I wanted to contribute some watches for his collection too. Citizen Eco Drive has the perfect solution to my problem, they have tons of watches to choose from. But I wanted to get something different from his set.

I know that he wanted to have a watch that is something sporty for the summer. I think this amazing watch is just perfect for him. I can't wait to see his face once he sees this.

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tess said...

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