Wednesday, June 24

Time to Shop!

I have been planning to go shopping as early as now for baby essential before my due date. You know how difficult it is walking around the mall with bulging belly and walking like a penguin. Not only that, it would be exhausting too ! I know that one of these days, I have to convince hubby to go with me so I could focus shopping for those cute little outfits while he watch Gabz for me.

I realized that some of that baby stuff that I need could be purchase online. Like Baby Bedding, cribs, winter accessories (since I will gave birth on fall) and other stuff that I could find. There is one website that sells adorable handmade Baby Bedding Sets, and they are on sale! These baby bedding sets consist of ; Baby Crib Quilt, Bumper, Fitted Sheet, Crib Skirt, window valances, diaper stacker, toy organizer and a decorative pillow. Twelve pieces for one price, isn't that great ?

I love the green bedding set that has dragonfly on it. Since Gabz grew up in pink and later on change her color preference to purple, I was thinking of designing the nursery into light green. Light green makes you feel relax and comfortable, so I was thinking it could sooth the baby.

Right now, I am making an inventory of what I have and the things that I still need. I still need a lot! My mother in law sent me some new born baby clothes, booties, mittens and burping cloths. I just need to buy one piece suite, pairs of clothes, pajamas, bottles, and other accessories. You know that this list will just go on once your inside the store.

Goodluck shopping, hope you find everything you need.

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