Thursday, June 25

Weekend @ Lake Chelan

Last Fathers Day weekend we went to Lake Chelan with friends. It was a three hour and a half drive from Seattle. We left Friday morning and pass through Leavenworth for Lunch. They say that Leavenworth is magnificent during winter for its winter activities. They call this place "Little Germany" all shops are written in English and German, and the architectural designs are German too. Have no idea though why they call it Little Germany. I still need to make a research about it. From there it was only an hour drive to Lake Chelan. We rented two units of townhouse (we are 27 all in all, including kids) three days and two nights.

A snapshot of the Lake in the middle of the dessert ! It is amazing that the place looks like a dessert and yet there is a beautiful lake in the middle of it.

Of course part of Filipino gathering, we cooked plenty of food for non stop eating. Saturday, we went to the park and rented a boat for site seeing. Below are the ladies in the park waiting for their husband to arrive while watching the kids play at the lake. Do you know that there are three of us pregnant women in the group whose due date are a week apart ?

My husband driving the speed boat while we traverse the vicinity of the lake. The feeling is awe-inspiring the moment you step in the boat. You feel soooo rich LOL ! It was my first time to ride the speed boat, so pardon my over excitement.

Unfortunately, while me and my husband was enjoying the tour, our bone tired daughter was fast asleep in the middle of the park.

We went back to Wapato place for dinner, karaoke, chikahan and lots of drinking. For us preggies, whole day of activities sent us to bed early. The rest of the gang stay up till two in the morning.
The kids playing at the last moment while preparing to take off on a Sunday morning. It was a superb and unforgettable weekend.


eva said...

i am glad to hear you and your family had a great weekend. =)

by the way got tag for you:

shydub said...

hi sis, mukhang halatng halata na tiyan mo, juntis na juntis talaga. ang laki na, sguro ang lakas na sumipa ng baby mo diyan. kahit buntis hala lakwatsa hehehehe buti ka pa mel.

madz said...

I guess I can't ride the speed boat, I'm scared of drowning, ha ha

Sheila said...

looks like an awesome place to have fun. I never knew about that lake.

eva said...

hi melanie nasa 28 weeks ka na pala. pare pareho pala tayo buntis. hehe. will visit again your blog. take care.


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

ang ganda ng place mukhang relaxing. saya ng weekend ninyong maganak.