Sunday, June 14

We're late again !

It's Sunday and we are late again for church ! Why is it that every time we go to church no matter how early we started, we are always late. It seldom happened that we arrived in church before the priest walked down the altar. Why is that ?

Why is it that we are always late in things that is important for us but was able to be early on insignificant occasions ? Is it because we don not know how to prioritized things in our life or maybe because we know that GOD is always there to forgive us ?

I think, I just need to exert more effort not to be late again or maybe adjust my watch five minutes earlier ? Hopefully that will work.

Hope everyone has a great weekend !


Tetcha said...

Perhaps because we think God will always understand. But you're right about one thing, we need to set our priorities.

chubskulit said...

Hi there, got her from Phoeb's page... I am as guilty as you are, we didnt attend mass because we woke up late..

following your blog now.

Julie@Momspective said...

Especially with kids, I find I run late more often. I'm the type who's always 15 early, so it hurts me to be late. I feel ya!

Joops said...

Thanks for visiting back Ms. Melanie.. ope to see you more often..

chubskulit said...

added you already..