Wednesday, July 1

Gabz is looking for a new challenge !

The other day, me and Gabz went to the mall to do some window shopping. After a while she asked me if she could play in Kids Cove (a play area inside Bellevue Square). So off we went to the play area, while she played I tried to do some reading and relax. After five minutes, I spotted her under a small tunnel sitting by herself. I asked her what is she doing and she said that she is bored !!! Oh my Gosh " She is bored !" It is very unlikely of Gabz to be bored in the play area. So I asked her if she wanted to go home, automatically she said yes.

On the next day, me and my friend Cecil brought the kids to the playground near our place. It was just a small play ground intended for smaller kids. Of course at first they were excited, Gabz love the swing a lot, so the moment they step on the playground they went through the swing. Ten minutes in the swing, we asked them to play in the slide so other kids could used it. She went to the slide, walked around it but not interested ! She walked around it many times, maybe looking for a new challenge but could not find one.

Opposite of that small playground is another area for bigger kids. She went in there, so I have to follow. There was a few big climbing stones in there. She tried to climb those up to the top, she did it with the rest of all the stones too. She want to reach the big monkey bars as well but could not reach it, unfortunately I could not carry her. I keep telling her that those are for big kids only, but really really wanted to try it.

This behavior of Gabz makes me realized that, my little girl is not so little anymore. She is bored with things that she used to love. She is now ready to try new and challenging things. Sometimes it is difficult for us parents to let them try, but for me they would never learn unless we let them do it. Right now I am trying to find a place where I could enroll her to a swimming lesson, maybe that would make her occupied and enjoy the summer too !

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