Monday, June 29

I got a new phone !

Recently, my husband gave me a new Google phone as replacement to my old phone. I was really excited as I was not expecting him to buy one for me. Since this phone is brand new, I wanted to buy a cell phone case to protect it from scratches. I have this habit of putting everything in my bag every time I go out. I just throw in my make up, car keys, pens, phones, Gabz snacks and other stuff into my bag. A cell phone case this time is a must !

My old phone has so many scratches in the screen and on the side because Gabz has dropped it so many times. She wants to borrow my phone always, because she saw me playing Solitaire on it, so she wanted to do the same. As if she knows how to play?


Cacai M. said...

heheheh.. what a cute baby! heheh..

puzzle said...

Wow! You now what, I am also wanting to have a new phone, for I cannot charge my phone without USB. But I wanted a phone where I can blog anytime, ha ha ha.