Thursday, July 9

Grab every opportunity to save money

In this economic tough time, we always have to find ways to save money. Especially if there is only one income earner in the family.

Just want to share my experience with other mommies out there. Honestly, I am not used in using coupons nor have the patience to cut or keep one when I saw it. Until I met a friend who is a coupon mommy, she always have bundles of coupons in the car, so every time she went to a store, she looks on her coupon clippings to check if there is one. I used to laugh at her, but then she encourage me to used coupons because it saves a lot of money.

So, here I am gathering all the coupons that comes in the mail. At first I could not noticed the savings (especially in the grocery) since you mostly saves just a cents.

Aside from the coupons I get from the mails, I also received coupons from different stores (where I used to shop). The other day, I went to Osh Kosh store to buy some clothes for the new baby and Gabz. I remember that they usually sent me coupons every month, sale, or special promos they have. I printed one in my emails and bring it to the store. It was a 20% coupons for my entire purchase. Guess what ? I saved 44$ for that purchased !!! Gosh, I was so surprised that I could save that much !! Imagine savings 44$ ?

From then on, I promised to myself to save every coupon I could find. If you could not find any coupons, try to do the survey at the back of a store receipt (e.g. old navy, JC Penney, etc) and get 15% off on your next purchase. Don't forget to subscribe to the store where you frequently shops, so they could send you coupons and discounts.

So mommies who are not into coupons yet, I encourage you to do the same. You will be surprised how much money you can save. And to those coupons mommies, have fun saving !!!


kAyE said...

hi melanie! good thing you have coupons in there. wala naman tayo dito nun sa pinas. ahaha!

Dee said...

Hi. Yes, I really love coupons! They're very helpful indeed. :)