Wednesday, July 22

"MyNewPlace" @ your fingertips

Looking for a new apartment?
Does not have the time to visit each property?

Finding an apartment or a house becomes easy and you can do it at your fingertips. You don't have to spend time crouching on your computer or the yellow pages. iPhone has a new application that would make your life easier. There is a new software MyNewPlace in the iPhone app store that is available now and can be use for free. Just go to ttp:// to download the application. This application could help you find an apartment by using your GPS, or by typing your zip code or city name where you wanted to stay.

MyNewPlace app is very cool and gives you 6 million listings of available apartments nationwide. You can even see pictures, available units, amenities of the property. In this new app you can filter the property by the number of bedrooms and bath that you need; this could save you time and effort. Calling and sending email to the property manager directly from the app is possible too in case you wanted to verify some information. If you have trouble finding the property that you like, there is a map that you can click to give you directions. You can take down notes and pictures of the property for comparison and easy reference. You can do all these things anytime, anywhere you are!

This iPhone application is the largest apartment rental site in the Internet. Can you imagine 6 million properties nationwide ? That is a huge listings to choose from! It gives us a lot of options. Another cool feature, you can connect this app to your facebook, in case you wanted to update your friends on the progress of your search or ask their opinions on a certain property. No wonder this has been Business Week Best of the Web Winner three times!

I can't wait to share this app with my family and friends. I have a lot of friends who are still moving from one state to another every six months or so, because of the nature of their job.
I'm pretty sure they will appreciate this new application from their iPhone.

To know more about this app, hit the play button below.

Sample picture of the property in your iPhone.



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