Wednesday, July 22

Surprised Birthday Party for a Friend

Last Saturday, we gave a surprised Birthday party for a friend Beth at Lake Sammamish Park. It was a beautiful day, lots of people are trying to take advantage of the sun. The guys set up some volleyball and we set up the food of course.

The birthday celebrant does not have a single clue, not even why she is on her way to the park. Her husband make up some story of them watching a Boeing hydroplane in the park. She only became suspicious when she saw me and Maricel at the park supposedly hiding behind the tree.

That is her son giving her flowers. She was teary eyed because for the first time in her 40th something life, somebody gave her a surprised party.

Lunch and dinner and series of volleyball games at the park with lots of things to talk about with good food and with good friends. No other way to spend the day better than that !


dubster said...

Ang dami talagang lakwatsa ni mommy buntis, buti ka pa mel nakakapag party kahit laki na ng tiyan hehehehe ang sarap siguro ng mga food ano. Musta ang baby sa tiyan natin, malapit na lalabas yan. take care of yourself and the baby.

Joops said...

wow that was very nice of you to give someone a surprised bday party..

ryliej said...

hello ate mel, sowi ngayon na lang ulit ako nakavisit