Sunday, July 5

We had a blast @ 4th of July with great Food and great friends!

We had a fantastic 4th of July celebration yesterday. In the morning, we joined Gabz friends at the parade in the neighboring community. The kids had a blast walking or riding their bikes around the community while following a fire truck. After that they were rewarded by lollipops, Popsicles, candies, etc. They got a chance to sit on a drivers chair of a fire truck and have their pictures taken together with the firemen.
After the parade, the Paulino's set up the swimming pool for the kids to cool down ! They started swimming at 11AM and had to pull them out the pool around 7PM. Everybody was so tired and hungry, but cannot heard a single complaint.

Of course Filipino party always have plenty of food. The main chief sitting, proud of his menu for the day. Delicious baby back ribs, burgers, hot dogs and the mouth watering chicken barbecue ! Gosh, when it comes to grilled food, nobody beats Eric! Food are always grilled to perfection. This is a potluck party so everybody brought their own menus. Mine was shrimp with cilantro. What's the name of the dish? Still working on it, as it was an experiment dish.

4th of July will not end without the fire works ! Kids love it. Gabz was keep on telling me, "Mommy I want it louder !" while other kids are scared, she wants it loud !

Last night was a great party, especially if you have it with great fiends ! Hope everybody had fun yesterday !

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Tetcha said...

You really had fun on the 4th of July. And nice digiscrapping, too. I wonder how that is done. Mahirap ba?