Monday, July 6

We need another Bed!

Last week, we bought a bed for Gabz room. She used to have a toddler bed but sometimes I saw her lying on her bed with her feet dangling on the floor. My little girl is already big for her toddler bed, that is why we decided to buy her a full size bed so could sleep better at night.

But we need another bed, our guest room is still empty ! My husband's parents are visiting us by end of this month from Philippines, and will be staying with us for six months. We need to furnish the guest room fast ! This bed below will be perfect for our guest room.

A guest beds should be comfortable, simple yet elegant. White is a perfect color too, very versatile, will easily compliment to any decoration style you will have. No need to mix and match colors, anything will surely goes with it. Another thing I love about this bed, is it's contemporary design. It's simplicity makes you feel easy and relax.

I hope we could put all the furniture in place before they arrive. We need to buy everything, from bed to bedding's, pillows and other accessories. Shopping while pregnant is not easy ! I need a few weeks to do everything.

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