Tuesday, August 11

Are you moving again?

Are you moving again?
Need a hassle free service provider?

We have just moved into our new home four months ago, and I know how stressful and difficult it is. You have to give noticed for the change of address, disconnection or transfer of your service providers, etc. All these things just add up to the packing and moving things into your new place. Good thing that Direct TV allows you to continue your service. All you need to do is just call Direct TV and let them know when and where you are moving. Just packed you receiver and remote control, and since your Directv dish is quite big, you can leave those behind and off you go. They will provide a new dish and professional installation at your new address, hassle free!

When moving, you have to take advantage of all the services your service or utility providers could offer when applicable. This way, you minimized the stress and reduced the number of your to do list. If you are moving a lot, this kind of service from Direct TV comes very handy.

Don't forget to call Direct TV in Texas or in any state you will be moving. They have special packages; from free installation up to four rooms, with 255 digital channels, to free DVR or HD. Call now and start enjoying your favorite shows!

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