Friday, August 28

Fantasy Football @ WaiverWire

Are you a football fanatic?
Have you ever heard of Fantasy Football?
Have you tried it?

My husband was always watching football and sometimes, I watched with him too. Little by little I was able to learn the mechanics of the game. I only watched football here in the USA, since we don't have football in Philippines.

Have you heard of fantasy football? I only heard about it, a couple of weeks ago when a friend of ours Eric, mentioned to me that he wanted to ask my husband if he will be interested to join fantasy football. He asked hubby to sign up and create his profile online through WaiverWire. My husband had never done it before, but was curious on how it works and wanted to try it. I think WaiverWire can help him because their website has a detailed explanation on what to do and how you should do things. They even offer a Fantasy Stimulus Package for free! I think this is good for my husband who is a newbie and wanted to try how to play fantasy football. He knows a lot of people who is into fantasy football and wanted to check how good it is. has everything you need to win your fantasy league. They have fantasy football draft software, news, analysis, research, ranking, player comparison, players who are injured and even the player of the week! They also have a forum where you can ask questions and exchange ideas with other people. Everything about football is there.

So, if you know someone who is into fantasy football, asked them to check out They have great offers; their In Season pass is only $9.99, which is originally at $49.99. And their full season pass is only $29.99, originally at $99.99. You save a lot of money while playing your favorite sports!


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