Sunday, August 30

A great Birthday Bash! Part 1

We gave my mother in law a birthday bash last Saturday starting from 4PM and ended up to 2AM the next day! Gosh, that was a very exhausting but fulfilling day. I am glad that my mother in law was so happy and enjoyed her party. A lot of friends came, who brought food and presents for Mommy. Lots of kids too! The house was full, that some people sit on the floor, but no complaints, everybody was happy and busy.

Mom said that I was her first birthday party in her 64th years, and she had it here in the US! Dad was teasing her, "You are very lucky to have your first birthday party and in the US!" LOL All my weariness and exhaustion was gone knowing that she had a blast in her party. I cooked almost all the food! I started cooking from 10AM up to 3:30PM. Good thing the baby in my belly was asleep the whole time and did not give me any trouble while I was on my feet the entire time. I think she knows that we are preparing for her Lola's party. Good girl!

I will post some pictures tomorrow. For now, it is time to hit the bed.

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