Thursday, August 20

Making it more personal

Have you ever wish that you could put your personal touch every time you send out mails or greetings cards to family and friends? Putting your own design, name and return address the way you wanted it rather than the ordinary way? I always wanted to have a personalized return address labels for our family. So that every time we send out greeting cards during holiday season, you don't have to write the return address on every envelop. All you have to do is just peel the sticker and stick it to the envelop! It looks neat, fun, cute and with personal touch on it too! I always admire an envelop with personalized address labels every time I received one on the mail. I makes me think that the person who send it really makes an effort to make the mail more personal. The design and style reflects the personality of the person sending it, because you create the design according to your own preference.

This coming holidays, I will definitely get one for our family !!

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