Friday, August 21

The Beautiful Mt. Rainier

Going to Mt. Rainier during the summer here in Washington is one of the best trip, and one of the must see places. That is of course if you love mother nature creations. The trip going up the mountain is awesome, the view is just amazing. You would see the beauty of GODs creations and how should we treasure all these gifts.

This was the view of Mt. Rainier when we went there summer of 2007, a few weeks after we arrived here in WA.

And this was the view of Mt. Rainier last week when my husband and his parents visited Mt. Rainier. The sun was up when they left Seattle, but they said that when they reach the top, it was all foggy. You could only see things like 100 feet away from you, after that it was all fog!

They have nice pictures from the view going up and down though. At least they were able to see some of it's beauty. But the highlight was not there, that is why the entrance is free! LOL. Me and Gabz was not able to go because I do not want to travel quite far when my due date is so near. I might gave birth on top of the Mountain ! Even though that would be a life time experience, still I do not want that to happen to me and my baby.


shydub said...

I love nature as in, buti pa tong buntis na to, maraming lakwatsa kahit mabigat na ang dinadala im sure your tummy is getting bigger and uncomfortable for you. Take care juntis malapit na due date mo.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

wow! that is one beautiful site to behold! God is amazing indeed!