Thursday, August 13

My Laptop is soooo slow :-(

Have you ever experienced having to rush something and your computer choose that time to be sooo slow? I have this computer for two years now, and I have the best time all those years. Never had a single problem with it, but lately this computer became so slow that it gets into my nerves. How I wanted to scream and asked whats wrong with it. This drives me nuts to the extent that I have to wait for my husband to come home in the evening and borrow his computer so I could blog and drop Entrecard :-).

Of course my ever helpful husband diagnosed my computer and found out that the memory left is too small because of so much pictures stored in my hard drive. All our pictures for five years is stored in my computer! What he did is ordered online an external terabyte hard drive so I could transfer all those pictures in there. Still waiting for it though :-( Hopefully, I could have it this week, so I could use my laptop again in its full speed and power !!!!

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