Thursday, August 13

All Day Saturday at Kmart!

Are you looking for a backpack for your kids? Or a notebook and other school supplies?

September is just around the corner, it means that school season is coming soon. It is time to shop for school supplies for our kids. Gabz will be going to school this September and I have not made any shopping for her school supplies. It is a good thing Kmart Bluelight special is back this Saturday, August 15. This is a one day event only. You can find more than 40 great deals, both in store or online at

This will be a good savings for all of us, imagine you could get a kids backpack for just $8? A 70 count notebook for buy 2 get 1 free? You cannot get that kind of deals anywhere else, only at Kmart Bluelight. They have great deals not only on school supplies, but with patio furniture too. All their Patio Furniture is 70% off! (+ an extra 20% off during bluelight!), you will almost have it for free. Their diamond jewelries are already 70% off this week but during Bluelight special, you can take another 10% off! Get an American Fare Vita-Water 2 for $1. These offers are unbeatable! We can save a lot of money with these deals and can buy clothes, shoes and other things that the kids need when they go back to school.

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