Saturday, August 15

Our first date - again

Hubby and I had our first date again after four years! After having a baby, we never had a date (just the two of us) and that was four years ago! Now that my in laws are here, we were able to watch a movie (G.I. Joe) yesterday. I really miss those times where we go out and have fun, spending time together, going out in the movies or eat out. Yesterday, that feeling was back, I felt different, I feel like a teenager! LOL. I think I just miss the old times.

I believed when people say that husband and wife should take time off from kids to spend some time together. Even for just a couple of hours watching a movie. It rekindle the couples love and relationship. I wanted to look forward to another date with hubby, we might as well grab this opportunity while my in laws are here, so somebody could watch Gabz and of course while the second baby is still taking her time to meet us.


chubskulit said...

so sweet!

Tetcha said...

You should go out more often with your husband now that your in-laws are with you. It will be harder to do that when the second baby comes.